We understand how much your home means to you.

We take the time to get to know our clients. Our job isn’t to tell you how to renovate your home.

Our job is to listen to what you feel is important and help you come up with a renovation plan that best suites your home and lifestyle.

Our team is friendly, professional and courteous. We understand every remodel is different. Sometimes it is a dream come true,

other times it comes about through a natural disaster. Either way we make sure your happy with your “new” home.


If you are looking at changing or adding 50 percent of your living space and getting involved with some major plumbing, heating or electrical work, you’re getting into what remodeling contractors call “whole house renovation.”

Usually the people considering whole house renovation love their property and can’t imagine finding a better view or a better piece of land anyplace else.

You’ll want to select the best person for the job, considering not only the contractor’s experience and expertise but also personality. You want someone you will enjoy working with for the long haul. It’s important to keep open lines of communication and to always accommodate the family who has to live in the house throughout the process.


If you love your existing home, your property and your neighborhood but simply need more space, a room addition makes perfect sense.

The most common room additions are family rooms, kitchen/family room combinations, and bedroom/bathroom suites. Our most important concern is making the addition complement the existing architecture you want the roof line to match; you want the woodwork to match.


You want the room to look like it has been there all along.


Nothing adds more to a home’s curb appeal than attractive, well-maintained outer exterior. And aesthetics aren’t the only issue.

Many homeowners shopping for replacement windows and doors also have concerns about safety and security and energy efficiency.

As anyone who has come close to falling off a ladder washing second floor windows or installing storm windows will tell you, easy maintenance is also a top priority.


As much as you hate to think about it, accidents and natural disasters are a fact of life.

You would also be surprised how many people need help fixing up their houses after storm damage, fires and even cars crashing through garage walls.

Webster Construction gladly accepts insurance work and promises to get the job done as quickly and professionally as possible so homeowners can put a bad situation behind them.



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